Brand Polo Club St. Martin

You only need to watch a polo match once to love this sport. This is what happens to those who land on the green meadow and witness the spectacle of men and horses juggling in an engaging team game, made of passion but also of refined elegance.

The brand finds inspiration from those who have chosen to live their lives with passion, following a sport made of preparation, courage and elegance: this is the story of Owen, an American Polo player who moves to the island of St. Martin madly in love of its landscapes. Owen brings with him his vision of the world and his passion for Polo, an ancient sport over a thousand years old, a passionate and engaging team game, synonymous with commitment and action. The same ideals of liveliness and desire to experience nature with class guide the style of our proposals. A clothing line designed for the 0-16 age group, made with refined and quality materials, with a sporty and refined allure at the same time. Each collection finds its creative capacity in the values ​​of a discipline that celebrates life in the open air, determination and convivial moments even outside the lawn.